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About Us

Innovative Reckoning is a Western Australian company experienced in providing Information Technology (IT) services to customers throughout Australia and internationally.

Our experience and skills can be called upon for advice to hand-on management and programming in specific areas or for wider, vertical and horizontal business integration.

Our abilities and perspective have in the past been applied successfully in Finance, Manufacturing, Medical, Legal, Mining, Maintenance and Warehousing and Distribution.

Our support packages provide a convenient and economic way for customers to deploy our experience and skills, either in support of in-house IT staff to expand their skills and experience or as direct IT support resource.

What We do

We apply our expertise to automate and integrate systems to maximise what the IT systems can do.

We integrate existing systems when possible, minimising capital expenditure, licence fees, etc.

We keep our eyes on breaking technologies and consider how they can be best applied to fill our customers' needs. We build our systems and processes so that the most-promising technologies can be plugged-in when they arrive, with minimal fuss.

We use components with the best price:performance ratio to benefit the end user. We understand how the software uses the hardware; and how people can best use the systems that are built from them.

We can tune networks, systems, databases and applications so that they get the work done as efficiently as possible.

We use as much open technology as possible, so that the end user isn't locked into using specific suppliers or exposed to unpredictable licence renewal costs.

We document what we do and provide sufficient documentation to the end user so that appropriately skilled professionals can further support and/or enhance the end user's systems. We don't lock our customers into using us as their service provider.

We can train, at customer's request, their own personnel and or other consultants to use and to manage the systems that we provide.

We will tell the customer if others are more able of doing the requested work if that is appropriate.

We will tell the customer if we can't do something that needs to be done and will assist in seeking out those who can do it.

We see our success in that of our customers.

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